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2023 HMS Scary Story Contest Winners

No Memory

By: Ashley Donis

There was a teenage girl named Rachel and it was just her and her dad, because her mom died very young . On a late Friday night, her father rushes her to the hospital. He told the doctors she didn’t come home by curfew, and she wasn’t answering her phone, so he went out to look for her. He had found Rachel’s car crashed into a ditch on the side of the road, and she was unconscious. 

The doctors took Rachel to start running some tests. Not long after the doctors came out and gave Rachel’s dad an update. The doctors told him that she’s been kind of in and out of it, waking up, but that she just had a bad concussion and some bruises. They waited for her to fully wake up. 

About an hour later, Rachel woke up and she was extremely confused. Her father is telling her, “ It’s ok, you crashed your car, and you were in a ditch but you’re going to be fine.” Then he starts asking her, Rachel, what happened? And she couldn’t answer. She had no memory of Friday night when she crashed. 

The doctors told him that there was no way to know, and that time would tell whether or not her memories come back. Rachel got released from the hospital and they went back home. Later that night, Rachel decided to turn on the TV, and she was scrolling through channels. When the local news pops up and says a girl named Lucy Wickman, who goes to the same high school as Rachel, has been missing since Friday night… 

Apparently, she was at the football game that Rachel attended, and she didn’t come home. Rachel doesn't know Lucy personally, but she has seen her a few times. Rachel’s dad walked into the room, see’s the TV and he turned it off. The doctors told Rachel not to watch TV. Rachel took some pain meds and lay in bed. Before she fell asleep, she heard a girl’s voice in her room. She opened her eyes to see Lucy at the foot of her bed. Lucy said, “Tell them where I am, tell them where to find me.” Rachel reached over to turn on the light. When she turned the light on Lucy was gone. For the next two nights, the same thing happened. The missing girl visited Rachel in her head. Rachel didn’t tell a single person because she felt like she was going crazy. But then on the third night, Lucy said this, “ I’m at the shed, he’s moving me.” 

With no hope she was going to find anything, Rachel snuck out the back door. She went to the old abandoned shed, about 100 yards away from her house. She heard someone by the shed, she peeked behind a tree, and saw her dad. So she started walking to him, then stopped. Lucy’s body was behind her father. Before she could run away, her father stopped her. He said, “ Rachel, you did this, the night I found you, she was in your backseat, stabbed to death with a knife. Help me clean up your mess.” 

Did she kill her? Is he messing with her head? Is Rachel living with a murderer? Who would go down for it if they get caught? Why is she seeing Lucy in her sleep? Is her mind trying to convince her that she’s innocent? To be continued...

Good Little Liar

By: Julie Konyeaso

There was a little girl who was raised to lie. A toxic household caused her to do so. Her own mother forced her to lie, just to hide the indecency she had been keeping from her husband. Lying is the only thing she was good at, to the point it became an everyday habit she repeated to do so. As the lies continued, the girl's reality began to shrink. She no longer knew who she truly was or what she really believed. The lies had become her identity, and she was trapped in a never-ending cycle of deception.The real problem began when she got into school, she felt the need to impress everyone at her school and get the attention her mother never gave her. She even started rumors about popular girls in her school so she could bring them down and have the spotlight on her again. She thought she could get away with it, until she heard her name being called to the office.

"Maylynn Greenstone, please come to the office immediately."

All of her classmates stare at her, and whisper to one another. She slowly gets up from her chair and proceeds to exit the classroom. Even after she left the classroom she still felt eyes on her, as if someone was watching her every move, as if someone was trying to find out who she was, the real her. She walks into the office, again everyone staring her down, as if she was a criminal. Once she steps into the principal's office, they begin to interrogate her. 

Her principal continues bombarding her with questions, she can't even concentrate or answer any questions. It started with her not being able to control her breathing, her ears ringing, and ended with her vision going black…

"She's awake, she's fine. Your mom is here to pick you up.” The principal says, staring her down. 

Maylynn goes to exit the door, but the principal says.

"Isn't it quite weird that you had a panic attack, right when I started asking questions."

"Come on, it's time to go." Maylynn's mother says a little aggressively.

"Saved by the bell..once again." The Principal shares. 

Years pass, Maylynn continues to lie her way through life,her mother asks her to lie for her just one more time. Marylynn thinks about the years she's been lying, the pressure of keeping her mothers secrets safe, not being able to tell anyone, the feeling finally made her..snap. Marylynn starts screaming at the top of her lungs and tries to end her mother. She chases her mother up the stairs and her mother locks herself in the bathroom and calls the police. As the police arrive she tries lying to them but they put handcuffs on her. Once she’s in the station. The police think that she’s crazy and put her into an asylum. Now for the rest of her life she has to live with lies.

What a Good Little Liar…

The Challenge

By: Jesus Ruiz

One late night at 9:11 pm Katie, Armando, and I were playing fortnite. It was Armando's turn but a few minutes later he died in the game to a hacker and placed 68th as soon as he died a loud sound went off.
“Why was it so long?” Katie asked. 

We realized it was the doorbell but something was off. The sound was longer than usual. Katie was right but we went to go check it out. We got to the door and saw a big wooden box that said “fragile” on it. Katie, Armando, and I opened it. Brandon and Human, our 2 best friends jumped out and shot us with a tranquilizer and that's all I could remember. Our own friends! ‘Why would they do this?’ I thought. I woke up and in a colorful funhouse with a bunch of knives and torture devices. I woke Katie up and Armando; we were all scared. Then Brandon and Human came out of the dark. Brandon was dressed as a ghost and Human as a bloody pig.

Brandon said ‘’You have to complete 3 death challenges; the first one starts in 5 minutes’’.

We waited for it to start. Human explained the rules, he said ‘’you guys have to get through a laser room and if we touch one trap, a big ax comes down from the ceiling and you die by decapitation’’.

We got through the first challenge easily but here's where it got hard: The next challenge Brandon said that we have to get through a mirror room but we have to be careful because there is sharp glass and if you bump into a mirror -it has aids. We were terrified. Armando said ‘’I have really bad eyesight’’. Then Armando just dodges it but Katies bumps into it and dies 30 seconds later. Her last words were ‘’win and make it out for me.” Then we made it to the final trap. “Here we go…” Armando says. 

Human explained that you have to make it through this final round or else you will die. “You have 10 minutes to carve the umbrella shape out of this hard cookie without breaking it. Time starts now.”

We started to begin breaking the cookie. It went from 10 minutes to 9 and I barely had anything done. Brandon says ‘’Time is ticking! Better hurry!” 
The pressure was getting bigger and bigger and now it was down to 6 minutes and I was sweating.I kept going, the time was flying by fast from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1.

Finally Armando and I cut out the umbrella. “We did it!’’ Armando screamed and the door opened and we were free. We drove home in an uber and were scared to go to sleep. We eventually went to sleep watching Dharr Mann. The next day Armando and I went to the park to play soccer to get the time off our minds and we meet these kids who came up to us and tried to steal the court and they said if we didn’t go they would beat us up but Armando and I beat them up and continued playing. 

Then when we were walking home, when we saw a black SUV with a pig's head and a blanket that looked like a ghost with blood on them with 2 crazy guys yelling out ‘’Soy Brandon’’. 
‘’That was weird’’ said Armando so we just kept walking. We got to the house and lay down to process everything that happened. Then we heard a big bang at the door and it was the police department. “Police, open up!” We go to the door and we open it. We see... No! Can it be?...